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Seafood Combo Set

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Product Description

Seafood Combo Set

Set for 2pax

Lobster Ball x 2pcs , Frozen Crab Claw x 2pcs , Frozen Crabstick x 2pcs , Frozen Mini Chikuwa x 2pcs , Frozen Seafood Tofu x 2pcs , Cheese Shrimp x 2pcs , Cuttle Fish Ball x 2pcs , Yee Mee x 2pcs , Fujuk x 2pcs , Ring Roll x 2pcs , Egg x 2pcs , Vegetable Platter x 1 box , Tiger Prawn x 4pcs , Scallop x 4pcs , Lala x 6pcs , Pomfret Fish x 4pcs

Complimentary 1 Disposable Pot with Burner

Set for 4pax

Lobster Ball x 4pcs , Frozen Crab Claw x 4pcs , Frozen Crabstick x 4pcs , Frozen Mini Chikuwa x 4pcs , Frozen Seafood Tofu x 4pcs , Cheese Shrimp x 4pcs , Cuttle Fish Ball x 4pcs , Yee Mee x 4pcs , Fujuk x 4pcs , Ring Roll x 4pcs , Egg x 4pcs , Vegetable Platter x 2 boxes , Tiger Prawn x 6pcs , Scallop x 8pcs , Lala x 12pcs , Pomfret Fish x 6pcs

*All ingredients used are halal*

Complimentary 2 Disposable Pot with Burner