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aiRelax Disinfectant Stick Gel Type Chlorine Dioxide CLO2 13ml & 55ml Sanitizer ¦ Sterilizer ¦ Deodorizer

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Product Description

THE use of the right type of disinfectant is crucial in preventing the spread of diseases like influenza and now, Covid-19.

Since there are many types of disinfectant on the market, it is important to understand the efficacy of such products to protect yourself and others in various settings.

aiRelax provides 24-hour disinfection, and is easy to use and convenient. It is one of the first gel-based chlorine dioxide (ClO2) disinfectant stick which allows for a longer lasting effect.

aiRelax disinfectant stick has been proven to eliminate 99.9% of airborne and surface-dwelling viruses and bacteria in a room-sized range, without causing any harm to the users.

aiRelax uses German nanotechnology filter and gel-based ClO2 formula which, upon activation by bending the stick, combine to emit the antibacterial and antiviral ClO2 at a safe and stable rate.

aiRelax disinfectant stick is portable and environment-friendly and odourless,

aiRelax has obtained various safety and efficacy certificates from related regulatory bodies, proving its ability to eliminate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in a room without causing any harm to the people.


• Disinfection & Sterilisation

• Deodorisation & Food Preservation

• Eliminate airborne viruses & odour. An airborne virus protection.

• German gel-based solution for longer lasting effect.

• Does not contain harmful chemicals, safe for children and pets.

Regular Size 13ml

• Duration: 40-50* days

• Area of effect: 5-8m/sq*

Large Size 55ml

• Duration: 50-60* days

• Area of effect: 20-25m/sq*

* Product is best used in cool room temperature with no strong wind circulations. High temperature will reduce life

span and strong wind will reduce effectiveness of product. Recommended for indoor use only.

Product ingredients : Chlorine Dioxide & Acidic Activator

Product Precautions :

It is advised that you do not keep the disinfectant stick somewhere near fire or hot in temperature as the chemicals will be affected, decreasing the longevity of the product. It is highly recommended that you place the product somewhere without any air disturbances. Air disturbance can come from open areas, product directly facing a fan or

next to an open window. Avoiding this allows the product to be more effective and can properly work in eliminating the viruses.

• The disinfectant stick should not be placed outdoors.

• Do not place under direct sunlight or extreme heat. (Eg.: Car parked under hot sun...near fire...)

• High temperature locations should be avoided

• Do not damage the product intentionally

• Keep it out of children reach

• If the liquid/solution has come in contact with skin or eyes, please rinse thoroughly with

water. If irritation continues, please visit a doctor immediately.

• Avoid using this product if allergic to Chlorine Dioxide

• Avoid locations with strong air motions

Please view at YouTube below to watch the ATP result while using aiRelax Disinfectant Stick